Hidden Treasures Around The World

10. Yamashita’s Treasure at Bacuit Bay

yamashita1 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World

Tomoyuki Yamashita was a decorated general for the Japanese Army known for looting bordering countries of Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Burma in the 1930s until World War II. Yamashita’s treasure was shipped to Palawan, Philippines on Bacuit Bay Island before Japan. Yamashita never made it back to Japan, but before he was captured and hung he hid his treasure in 172 places on the island.


9. Treasure Chest of the Church of Pisco


churchpisco 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World


Four Peruvian soldiers, Luke Barret, Arthur Brown, Jack Killorain, and Diego Alvarez, managed to steal treasure from the priests of the Pisco Church in Peru in the mid-1800s. The soldiers killed the priests and stole more than 14 tons of gold and other treasures. The four drew a map to return for the treasure later, but never did. Two were killed and the other two were arrested, and only Killorain survived jail. Before he died he handed off the treasure map, but the treasure has never been retrieved.

8. Lue Treasure Map

luemap 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World


The Masonic Lue treasure map supposedly leads to 14 tons of gold hidden in the United States, and is decipherable using only a dollar bill, a key, and Masonic symbolism. Supposedly the gold was part of a Nazis plot to prevent the US from entering World War II. The attempt didn’t work, and the Nazis were unable to retrieve the treasure because the Lue map couldn’t be deciphered after its Nazi loyalist creator died.


7. White City, La Cuidad Blanca


eldorado 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World


The city of gold is a hunted treasure city that has been discovered twice in 1526 by Herman Cortes and again in 1544 by Cristobol de Pedraza, but never found since. Researchers from the National Science Foundation and the University of Houston are working to map the ancient ruins near Rio Patuca and Rio Conquirre, hoping they have found the fabled golden city, but haven’t determined if there is any gold.


6. Genghis Khan Issyk-Kul’s Treasure


ghenghiskhan 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World


Legends of the Commander and conqueror Genghis Khan’s exploits of central Asia and China are nearly not as great as the legend of his tomb where he was buried with his treasure. Said to be located in the lake Issyk-Kul, others say that the location is completely unknown because the soldiers killed all those who knew where the tomb was located and were killed themselves after returning from the site.

5. Santissima Concepcion

santissma 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World

Caught in Florida hurricane season, the shipwrecked Santissima Concepcion is one of the few shipwrecks with survivors and records that list “77 chest of pearls and 49 chests of emeralds,” that amount close to 1,800,000 pesos in treasure. A majority of the treasure has never been found.

4. SS Islander’s Evasive Gold

ssislander 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World

This treasure ship was recovered in 2012, however there was no gold in the ship. The Mars Company expedition crew believes that the gold fell to the sea bed after moving the ship since they found gold dust and some gold pieces on the recovered ship. The treasure is estimated to value $250 million today which is motivating the Mars Company to plan another expedition in the future.

3. Lost Treasures of Antilla

antilla 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World

Antilla, the German fighter wreck, is a tribute to WWII German soldiers. The story behind the Atilla is that while anchored on the North Shore of Aruba, authorities rowed out to sea and demanded the ship’s surrender. However, while weighing his options on shore, the skipper had left the seacock on the ship open, causing the ship to explode and sink along with all of its treasure.

2. Apache Indian Treasures

apache 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World

What would a treasure hunt be without curses and legends? Apache Indian lost treasure legends are abundant, but one in particular says that after attacking a wagon train, the Apache hid the silver coins and gold dust they had stolen in a Dutch oven. Supposedly the treasure and Dutch oven are hidden in a cursed point behind rocks on Winchester Mountain in Arizona, but treasure hunters remain undeterred.

1. Lost Adams Diggings

adamsgold 10 Hidden Treasures Around The World

The Lost Adams Diggings in western New Mexico supposedly lead to a canyon wall that cries tears of gold. Adams made his way along the White River into the White Mountains in the early 1860s where he and his crew found gold nuggets. Adams left the mine only two days later, but the mining crew stayed and were later attacked and killed by Apache Indians. Supposedly Adams never found his gold canyon mine again.